Written by Adji Soedibjo


Kebayoran Baru is an attractive residential and commercial area in South Jakarta. It’s no accident that five siblings found a strategic location on Jalan KH Ahmad Dahlan, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta, Indonesia and established a Malang city franchise cafe called de’Pans. This first franchisee outside Malang was officially inaugurated on March 23, 2012. In only a short time, it has become a promising venture with a focus on serving pancakes, waffles, steaks, coffee, and others.

It’s most pleasant to visit de’Pans in the evenings when its magenta neon sign invites everyone to come in. Upon entering the minimalist modern design coffee shop, the inviting dining room beckons, providing a welcoming atmosphere and a choice of different tables, chairs and sofas to lounge and unwind in. The left side of the dining room is designated as a smoking area while the right side is for non-smokers. One feels immediately at home surrounded by various portraits on the walls augmented with different forms of light cast from its ceiling and poles. For those preferring more privacy, a VIP room is available with a capacity of up to ten ons.

The Cheesy Pancake, a bestseller, is highly recommended. It’s basically pancakes with a choice of toppings including blueberry, dark cherry or strawberry mixed with a scoop of ice cream and melted cheese sauce. It’s a real treat for an indulgence, made only more complete with an accompanying cup of single origin black coffee, especially Papua Wamena—a perfect partner for the Cheesy Pancake. There are four more variants of this particular pancake. The same applies to the waffles, with a total of five variants, the Crunchy Waffle being the favorite among the guests. 

 Cheessy Pancake Blueberry (Rp. 33 ribu).

A cup of black coffee, Papua Wamena (Rp. 20 ribu). 

Savory is dePans’ mission to serve the best Indonesian coffees with an extensive range of options on offer including Arabicas such as Aceh Gayo, Sumatra Mandailing, Sumatra Lintong, Java, Bali, Flores Bajawa and Toraja Kalosi. In addition you may also taste the Java Robusta and red hot Luwak. Many of the older guests prefer some of these single origin black coffees, while the younger visitors tend to prefer ice coffee blends with latte or espresso, using local coffees as a base.

Affogato espresso + Vanilla ice cream  (Rp. 20 ribu).

 Latte Machiato (Rp. 21 ribu).

Cafe Mocha (Rp. 23 ribu).

Faris, the coffee shop’s manager explains about de’Pans venture, “Dim sum was added to our menu with such items as siomay, hakaw, bakpao and lumpia. An array of dishes is served to spoil one’s palate including pasta, soupsalad, steaks, various chicken dishes, nasi goreng” (fried rice), potatoes and platters including samosa and spring rolls. We also carry hot and cold chocolate, fresh juices, shake & fruity, tea and beers.

Imelda, a frequent patron, shares her dining experience, “I come here to enjoy the best Cheesy Pancake. It has a very rich flavor. As for drinks, I usually like to have one of their ice coffee variants or ice lemon tea. The place is very relaxing and I can bring my laptop along as they provide free wifi.”

Jalan KH Ahmad Dahlan No. 18 A, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta 12130, Indonesia.

Telephone: (021) 7397665


– 90 person maximum capacity.

– Meeting room.

– Smooking area.

– Live music.

– Wi-Fi.

– Mushola. 

Business Hours: 10 am to 11 pm daily (only during Ramadhan from 4 pm to 11 pm).

 Interior of de’Pans.

 Interior of de’Pans in other side.

Meeting room / VIP room (Free charge).

Meeting in  VIP room.

Crowded dining room.

Birthday celebration.

Live music.



Bar coffe.

Their words of promise.

Hot cappuccino (Rp. 20 ribu).

Iced cappuccino (Rp. 20 ribu).

Iced avocado latte (Rp. 25 ribu).

Iced coffee latte vanilla (Rp. 23 ribu).

Groovy waffle (Rp. 33 ribu).

Cruinchy waffle (Rp. 29 ribu).

Wonder waffle (Rp. 29 ribu).

Sirloin steak (Rp. 90 ribu).

Rib eye steak (Rp. 95 ribu).

Flat iron steak (Rp. 55 ribu).

Chicken steak (Rp. 55 ribu).

Salmon steak (Rp. 65 ribu).

Fish and chip (Rp. 50 ribu).

Chicken teriyaki (Rp. 29 ribu).

Beef blackpepper (Rp. 39 ribu).

Nasi goreng (fried rice) – Rp. 28.000

Feetuchini bolognese (Rp. 39 ribu).

French fries bolognese (Rp. 24 ribu).

Chak couka (Rp. 29 ribu).

Chicken siomay (Rp. 18 ribu).

Chicken lumpia (Rp. 18 ribu).

“Lumpia kulit tahu” (Rp. 18 ribu).

Salad (Rp. 20 ribu). 

Creamy soup (Rp. 25.000).